Restraining Orders

Advice from a Restraining Order Lawyer: How to protect yourself and your loved ones with the law.

When to get a Restraining Order Lawyer:

​When relationships sour, tempers can fly and accusations or acts of abuse can follow. If you find yourself on the receiving end of threats or actual violence, or if you stand accused of such things, you need professional help. Immediately. The pain or stigma associated with these extremely serious allegations can haunt you your whole life. And now is not the time to try to learn to practice law on your own. You need a restraining order lawyer.

With over a decade of experience with relief from abuse actions, our firm will stand by you with all the resources of the law at our disposal. Whether you need to keep that inflamed ex-partner, neighbor, or whomever else away from you and your family, or if you are desperate to defend yourself against lies and vitriol being hurled at you, call us to find out what you can do about it.

If You Are Threatened:

If someone threatens or causes harm to you or your loved ones, call us, get to the police or get to a courthouse immediately. They will also tell you what to do. Your affidavit should fully detail your fears and concerns. Now is not the time to hold back. If foul language is used against you in and amongst the threats or violence, relay it to the judge in your affidavit. If the court finds your concerns credible, a temporary Order of Protection is issued and, once served on the defendant, a hearing most often takes place within a week. Be sure to reference any witnesses or documents as needed and have them at the hearing. Subpoenas are available either through your attorney or via the court.

If You Are Accused with a Relief from Abuse Action:

Similarly, if someone has accused you of threats or abuse, contact a restraining order lawyer immediately. Be sure that you make arrangements for witnesses and documents to be presented in court on your behalf. Subpoenas are available either through your attorney or via the court. Above all, do not miss or be late for any court appearances. If you have an emergency that will keep you from attending a court appointment on time, inform the court as soon as possible.

There is only so much guidance we can give here so don’t hesitate to call or email us if you wish to confer further. We are here to help.